Managing the Blue Economy: Future of Port Management and Shipping in the Asia-Pacific

From October 19, 2015 until October 20, 2015

At Pape'ete

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Managing the Blue Economy:

Future of Port Management and Shipping in the Asia-Pacific

Connectivity, sustainability and growth for PECC Economies

A  PECC International Project




Developments of ports and of new maritime routes are ways to better link economies of PECC and enhance connectivity that facilitates regional and international trade. In the past recent years, maritime trade has been growing, to and from PECC economies in the Asia- Pacific, for reasons of reliability, efficiency, and lower costs.

This PECC international project aims to contribute to regional policy dialogues on improving connectivity, sustainability and mutual growth for the PECC economies on both sides of the Pacific that are seeking to develop new routes and enhance port operations to meet the increasing demand for maritime trade through the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Representatives from government agencies, relevant institutions and businesses from PECC economies, who are responsible for the development of maritime trade in the Asia-Pacific region such as sea transport companies, port operators, designers and builders of vessels, dredging and port construction companies, hauling companies, trading companies, and related service providers will gather to exchange views and propose solutions for better connectivity in the Asia-Pacific. They will contribute to the discussions by sharing their experiences in collaborating with other players on major international projects.

The first seminar will be held on 19-20 October 2015, in Papeete, at the invitation of the Government of French Polynesia. It will take place between the annual meetings of cruise operators and of French port operators.





DAY ONE: Monday, October 19


0800 - 0830   Registration
0830 - 0900

Welcome Remarks

  • Albert Solia, Minister of Public Works and Transportation, French Polynesia
  • Eric Pommier, Chair, FPTPEC-French Polynesia
0900 - 0915

Introduction to the Papeete seminar nd PECC international project 2015/2016 - "Managing the Blue Economy"

  • Jean Luc Le Bideau, Vice-Chair FPTPEC
0915 - 0945

Where are we? French Polynesia Port

0945 - 1000

Coffee Break


SESSION 1: Asia-Pacific maritime trade outlook: Possible scenarios for the next decade

Session Chair:

  • Charles E. Morrison, President, East-West Center, USA/ USAPC
1000 - 1100

Accommodating the growing demand for gloval maritime trade: Drivers and implications for port operators. Needs for new sear routes and port facilities, new port strategies

1100 - 1130               

The opening of the Northwest Passage: Implications for global shipping and Asian economies

  • Hugh Stephens, Vice-Chair, CANCPEC / Executive Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Canada
    pdf (download) (1.76 MB)
1130 - 1200

Open discussion

1200 - 1330



SESSION 2: Challenges and opportunities in maritime transportation

Session Chair:

  • Hugh Stephens, Vice-Chair, CANCPEC / Executive Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Canada
1330 - 1400

Mega container vessels and port capabilities

1400 - 1430 Cruise development and opportunities in the Pacific
1430 - 1500

Piracy and conflicting claims at maritime chokepoints and in narrow seas

1500 - 1530 COFFEE BREAK
1530 - 1600 Maritime surveillance: A guarantee of security in French Polynesia
1600 - 1645 Economic effect of infrastructure investment for sustainable growth
1645 - 1730 Open discussion
1900 Cocktail
DAY TWO: Tuesday, October 20th

SESSION 3:     Port upgrades

Session chair:

  • Jean Luc Le Bideau, Vice-chair, FPTPEC
0900 - 0930 Meeting the demand for cruise ships and port facilities to cope with rapid increase in tourism and maritime trade
0930 - 1000 Port of Tahiti facing an unprecedented challenge: Meeting the new maritime standards and their future development
1000 - 1030  COFFEE BREAK
1030 - 1100 Sustainable port development: Chile
1100 - 1130 Off the beaten track: Meeting the maritime challenges of being small, distant, and developed: New Zealand
  • Brian Lynch, Vice-chair, NZPECC
1130 - 1200 Open discussion
1200 - 1300 LUNCH

SESSION 4:      Addressing the gaps: Regional cooperation

Session chair:

  • Michel Paoletti, Chair, Council for Strategic Reforms, FPTPEC - French Polynesia
1300 - 1330 Conflict and cooperation in narrow seas
1330 - 1415 A redirected global value chains and growth of international services: Implications for maritime trade
1415 - 1500 Open discussion
1515 - 1530 COFFEE BREAK
1530 - 1630

Summary of recommendations
Open roundtable discussion with all session chairs

Concluding session and follow-up
Jean Luc Le Bideau/ Hyongmo Jeon