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PECC X: Tenth PECC General Meeting

From March 22, 1994 until March 24, 1994
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The Tenth PECC General Meeting

March 22 - 24, 1994

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Tuesday, March 22


Opening Session

Opening Remarks

  • Datuk Dr Noordin Sopiee, Chairman, MANCPEC; Chair, PECC Standing Committee; Chairman, PECC X

Statement from the past Chair

  • HE Amb. Richard Fairbanks, Chairman Emeritus, PECC

Keynote Address

  • The Hon. Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia

Pacific Leaders’ Forum on “Open Regionalism: the Way Forward”


  • HE Amb. Octavio Errazuris, Executive Director, CHILPEC
  • Mr. Jusuf Wanandi, Chair, INCPEC


  • HE Dr. Efrain Goldenberg, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peru
  • HE Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, Deputy Prime Minister, Thailand
  • HE Yeo Cheow Tong, Minister for Trade and Industry, Republic of Singapore
  • Ms. Sandra Kristoff, Director of Asian Affairs, White House, United States of America
  • HE Pehin Dato’ Abdul Rahman Taib, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam
  • HE Morihiro Hosokawa, Prime Minister, Japan (represented by HE Amb. Nobuo Matsunaga, Chair, JANCPEC)

Luncheon AddressHE Patricio Aylwin Azocar, former President, Republic of Chile

Introducer:  HE Amb. Antonio de Icaza, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico; Technical Secretary, MXCPEC


Plenary Session I: Pacific Economic Outlook 1994-95

Chair:  Dr. Kim Kihwan, Chair, Korea National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation


  • Dr. Lawrence Krause, Coordinator, Pacific Economic Outlook Project, USNCPEC
  • Dr. Akira Kohsaka, Coordinator, Pacific Economic Outlook Project, JANCPEC

Questions and Discussions


 Plenary Session II: Free Trade Areas and Open Regionalism – Problems and Opportunities


  • Amb. Li Luye, Chair, CNCPEC
  • Mr. Russell Fynmore, Chair, AUSPECC


  • HE Makoto Taniguchi, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD
  • Ms. Sandra Kristoff
  • HE Uthai Pimchaichon, Minister of Commerce, Thailand
  • HE Dr. Hartarto Sastrosoenarto, Coordinating Minister for Industry and Trade, Republic of Indonesia
  • HE Senator Bob McMullan, Minister for Trade, Australia
  • The Hon. Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia

Questions and Discussions


Dinner Address: HE Dr. Hartarto Sastrosoenarto

Introducer: Tan Sri Zainal Abidin Sulong, Vice-Chairman, MANCPEC


Wednesday, March 23


Plenary Session III: Liberalisation of Trade, Services and Investments Under the Uruguay Round and Beyond – Challenges and Opportunities for the Open Regions of the Pacific


  • Dr. Jeffrey Koo, Vice-Chair, CTPECC
  • Dr. Eduardo Ferrero, Chair, PERUPEC


  • Prof. Ross Garnaut, Professor of Economics, Australian National University
  • Dr. C. Fred Bergsten, President, Institute of International Economics, USA; Chairman, APEC Eminent Persons Group
  • HE Kenneth Dadzie, Secretary-General, UNCTAD

Concurrent Session I: Private Power in the Pacific

Sponsor: Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Chair: Tan Sri Haji Ani Arope, Executive Chairman, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia

Convernor: Dr. Christopher Findlay, Dept of Economics, University of Adelaide; Coordinator PECC Minerals and Energy Forum

Welcoming Address: Tan Sri Haji Ani Arope

Part 1 


  • Mr. Peter Crowley, Executive Director, PECC Minerals and Energy Forum
  • Dr. Richard Geddes, Department of Economics, Fordham University

Questions and Discussions


Ministerial Address: Dr. Mauricio Cardenas, Minister of Economic Development, Colombia

Luncheon Speaker: Tan Sri Haji Ani Arope

 Introducer:  Mr. Peter Crowley


Part 2


  • Mr. Francisco Rivero, Director for International Negotiations, Ministry of Energy, Mines and State Industries, Mexico
  • Mr. Russell McGeorge, Managing Director, Design Power New ealand Ltd,
  • Dr. Philip Tan Ah Kow and Mr. Rahim Noh, Strategic Management Unit, Tenaga Nasional Malaysia
  • Dr. Peter Jezej, Private Power Adviser, Directorate General for Electricity and Energy Development, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Indonesia
  • Dr. Bart Lucarelli, Lahmeyer International

 Questions and Discussions


Part 3

Speaker: Mr. Dennis Lawrence, Assistant Director, Microeconomic Reform Branch, Bureau of Industry Economics, Australia


Concurrent Session II: Pacific Air Transportation – Flying into the Future

Sponsor: ISIS Malaysia

Chair:  Tan Sri Zain Azraai, Chairman, Malaysia Airlines

Convernor:  Dr. Mark Borthwick, Executive Director, USNCPEC; PECC Coordinating Group

Welcoming Speech: Tan Sri Zain Azraii


Part 1:

Moderator: Dr. Louis Chou, CTPECC


  • Dr. Mitsuru Miyata, Senior Managing Director, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan


  • Mr. Matthew Samuel, Director, Corporate Affairs, Singapore Airlines
  • Mr. Sumner J. La Croix, Senior Fellow, Program on International Economics and Politics, East-West Center, Hawaii


  • Mr. Ian Buchanan, Regional Vice-President, SRI East Asia

Questions and Discussion


Luncheon Speaker:  Thomas Windmuller, Deputy Director, Air Transport Action Group, Geneva


Part 2:

Speakers I:

  • Mr. Bashir Ahmad, Director of Corporate Planning, Malaysia Airlines
  • Mr. Horng-yih Su, Vice-President, Eva Airlines
  • Mr. Choi Soo Myung, Managing Vice- President, SE Asia, Korean Air
  • Mr. Rene S. Ocampo, Vice-President, Marketing, Philippine Airlines
  • Mr. James Eckes, Managing Director, IndoSwiss Aviation

Speakers II:

  • Mr. Charles Tyler, Senior Correspondent, Aerospace and Air Finance Journal
  • Mr. Rudi Setyopurnomo, Managing Director, Garuda Airlines
  • Mr. John H. Slosar, General Manager, Airline Planning, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd
  • Mr. James Eckes


Part 3

Speaker: Mr. Peter Harbison, Principal, BDW Aviation Services.


  • Mr. Michael Tretheway, Vancouver International Air Transport Authority
  • Mr. Matthew Samuel
  • Dr. Christopher Findlay, Lecturer, Australian National University

Concluding Statements by the Chair


Concurrent Session III: The Automobile Industry in the Asia-Pacific Region

Sponsor: Proton Berhad

Chair: Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Salleh, Managing Director, Proton Bhd Malaysia

Convenor: Mr. Mohamed Jawhar Hassan, Country Coordinator, MANCPEC

Welcoming Speech:  Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Salleh


Part 1

Speaker: Dr. Kit Machado, California State University and Waseda University


  • Mr. Scott Yoder, Director of Planning, General Motors Asia-Pacific, Singapore
  • Mr. Kentaro Shimizu, General Manager, Overseas Administrative Dept, Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd
  • Dr. Jong Dae Lee, President, Kia Economic Research Institute, Korea

 Questions and Discussions


Part 2

Speaker: Prof. Leonard Waverman, University of Toronto

Questions and Discussions


Part 3

Moderator: Mr. Hai-Hyung Cho, Chaiman, Nara Corporation; Auditor, KOPEC

Speaker: Prof. Anuwar Ali, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, National University of Malaysia


  • Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Salleh
  • Dr. T. Pawitra, President/Director, PT German Motor Manufacturing, Indonesia

Concurrent Session IV: Consumer Electronics in the Pacific

Sponsor: Texas Instruments

Chair: Mr. Srinivasan Rajam, Asia-Pacific Technical Director, Texas Instruments, Singapore

Convenor: Prof. Ippei Yamazawa, Professor of Economics, Hitotsubashi University; Executive Committee, JANCPEC

Welcoming Speech: Mr. Srinivasan Rajam


Part I:

Speaker: Dr. Shujiro Urata, Professor of Economics, Waseda University


  • Mr. Yutaka Wada, Senior Executive Vice-President, International Business, Sharp Corporation
  • Dr. Soonhoon Bae, President, Dae Woo Electronis Co., Ltd


Luncheon Speaker:  Mr. Srinivasan Rajam

Questions and Discussion


Part 2

Speaker: Dr. Wong Poh Kam, Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, National University of Singapore


  • Dr. Ismail Muhd Salleh, Deputy Director-General, ISIS Malaysia
  • Dr. Gili Yen, First Vice-President, China Development Corporation, Chinese Taipei

Questions and Discussion


Concurrent Session V: Development of Telecommunications Infrastructure

Sponsor: MCI

Chair: Haji Radzi Mansor, Director, Marketing and Customer Services, Telekom Malaysia Berhad;   MANCPEC

Convenor: Prof. Kenji Saga, Vice-President, Asia University

Welcoming Speech: Haji Radzi Mansor


Part 1:

Moderator: Prof. Kenji Saga


  • Mr. Geoffrey Thornton, General Manager, Business Strategy, STC Submarine Systems; AUSPECC
  • Mr. Doyle J. Girouard, Vice-President, Marketing, Sales and Product Division, AT & T Submarine Systems Inc.; USNCPEC
  • Mr. Wahyu Wijayadi, General Manager (Medan), PT Indosat; INCPEC


  • Mr. Eric Wu, Manager, International Network Operations, Hong Kong Telecom; HKCPEC
  • Mr. Karl K. Rossiter, Business Development Manager, Television New Zealand Ltd; Vice-President, Communications, Pacific Telecommunications Council; NZPEC


Luncheon Speaker: Mr. Bruce A. Willey, Vice-President, International Revenue Dept, MCI International; USNCPEC


Part 2

Moderator: Haji Radzi Mansor


  • Mr. Wong Yuet Nan, Vice-President, Technical Operations, ABACUS Distribution Systems Pte. Ltd; SINCPEC
  • Mr. Wade Armstrong, Customs Dept, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, New Zealand
  • Ms. Janet Pearce, Deputy Director, USNCPEC


  • Mr. Randy Lee Tock Teck, Regional Trade/Customs EDI Manager, Asia-Pacific Region, United Parcel Service; SINCPEC
  • Mr. P. Sritharan, Head, Datakom, Services Division, Telekom Malaysia Berhad


Part 3

Moderator: Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee, Chairman of the Board and CEO, General Finance and Securities Co. LTD; APEC Eminent Persons Group; TNCPEC


  • Mr. Riluvan Shareef, Deputy Executive Director, Asia-Pacific Telecommunity
  • Mr. Khalilur Rahman, Chairman, Sapura Research, Malaysia
  • Mr. Karl K. Rossiter


  • Dr. Nikolai V. Morozov, Chief Administrative Coordinator, RNCPEC

Concluding Statements by the Chair


Concurrent Session VI: Emerging Financial and Capital Markets in the Pacific

Sponsor: Southern Bank Berhad, Malaysia

Chair: Datuk Tan Teong Hean, Chief Executive Director, Southern Bank Berhad

Convenor: Mr. William Fung, Group Managing Director, Li & Fung Ltd; Chair, HKCPEC

Welcoming Speech: Dr. Tan Teong Hean


Part 1

Speaker: Dr. Victor Fung, Chairman, Prudential Asia; Chairman, HK Trade Development Council, Hong Kong


Part 2

Speaker: Dr. Christopher Leong, President, Transpac Capital Pte Ltd


Luncheon Speaker: Datuk Dr. Mohd Munir Abdul Majid, Chairman, Securities Commission, Malaysia

Introducer: Datuk Tan Teong Hean


Part 3

Speaker: Mr. Philip Gray, Executive Chairman, James Capel Asia Ltd

Part 4

Keynote Address: Dr. Efrain Goldenberg, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peru


  • Dr. Hector Jose Cardena, Vice-Minister of Finance, Colombia
  • Mr. Augustin Garcia-Lopez, Director-General for Financial Studies, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico
  • Amb. Juan Salazar, Director-General of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile


Part 5

Speaker: Mr. Norman Chan, Executive Director, Money Management, Hong Kong Monetary Authority


Part 6


  • HE Sen. Adlai Stevenson III, Chair, USNCPEC
  • Mr. Paul Knapp, President, Catalyst Institute


Luncheon Seminar: “The Asia-Pacific to the Year 2000”

Chair: Dr. C. Fred Bergsten

Speaker: Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee


Dinner Address:  The Hon. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Malaysia


Thursday, March 24


PECC X Concluding and Final Plenary Sessions Agenda

Plenary Session V: Public Opinion and Regional Cooperation


  • HE Tun Dr Thanat Khoman, Chair, TNCPEC
  • HE Sen. Adlai Stevenson III


  • Mr. Barry Wain, Editor-at-Large, Asian Wall Street Journal
  • Mr. Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, The Australian
  • Mr. Chen Li, former Editor-In-Chief, China Daily
  • Mr. Abdul Kadir Jasin, Group Editor, New Straits Times

Questions and Discussion


Concluding Session: The Kuala Lumpur Concord on Open Regionalism

Chair: Datuk Dr Noordin Sopiee


  • Ms. Kerrin M. Vautier, Chair, NZCPEC
  • HE Sen. Adlai Stevenson III
  • HE Amb. Nobuo Matsunaga

Signing Ceremony

Luncheon Address: HE Fidel V. Ramos, President, Republic of Philippines (represented by Secretary Jose Almonte, Presidential Security Adviser and Director, National Security Council, Philippines)

Chair: Mr. Carlos Dominguez III, Chair, PPECC

Acknowledgement and Handing-Over Ceremony

  • Award: Presentation of Mark of Appreciation to Dr. Nam Duck-Woo, Co-Founder, PECC; former Chair, KOPEC
  • Handing over of the Chairmanship of the PECC Standing Committee

Closing Remarks


  • Datuk Dr. Noordin Sopiee, Outgoing Chair, PECC Standing Committee; Chairman, PECC X
  • Amb. Li Luye, Incoming Chair, PECC Standing Committee; Chairman PECC XI


The PECC Encounter on Vietnam

Chair: Mr. William Fung


  • Mr. David Howell, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
  • Datuk Mohd Hassan Marican, Senior Vice-President of Finance, Petronas
  • Mr. John Brinsden, Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank, Vietnam and Cambodia

Questions and Discussion


Arrival of Special Guest

Chair: Tan Sri Zainal Abidin Sulong

Special Address: HE General Secretary Do Muoi, Central Committee, Communist Party of Vietnam

Questions and Discussions


Close of Session


PECC Standing Committee Meeting