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Symposium on the Internet Economy

On May 18, 2015
At Boracay
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Symposium on the Internet Economy

Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center
Boracay, Philippines

Monday, 18th May 2015


0900 - 0910

Welcome Remarks

  • Eduardo Pedrosa, Secretary General, PECC

0910 - 0930

Opening Address: The Role of the Internet in Promoting Inclusive Growth and the Need for Cross-Sectoral Enablement


  • Tan Jian, APEC Senior Official, China

Keynote Speaker:

  • Laura Q. Del Rosario, APEC SOM Chair, 2015

0930 - 1030

Session 1: The Role of the Internet in Empowering Inclusive Growth

This panel will discuss the role that the internet can play in promoting inclusive growth. Speakers representing dfferent services will address how they are using the internet to expand their reach.


  • Mon Ibrahim, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines

Panel Discussion:


  • Bettina Quimson, Department of Science and Technology, Philippines



1030 - 1045

 Coffee Break

1045 - 1145

Session 2: The Internet as a Driver of New Business

This session will address how internet-enabled companies are disrupting existing business practices creating new opportunities for growth.


  • Xue Hong, Director, Institute of the Internet Policy & Law at Beijing Normal University

Panel Discussion

Open Discussion

1145 - 1245

Session 3: Barriers to the Internet Economy

This session will address the challenges that businesses and economies face in fully tapping the potential of the Internet economy; and opportunities to remove those barriers. Opportunities include: improving access to information across borders; improving legal frameworks for online platforms; and improving regulatory framework for online payment systems.


  • Nur Sulyna Abdullah, Chief Officer, Corporate Strategy, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

Panel Discussion:


1245 - 1300

Session 4: Wrap up

The session moderators from each will be asked to give brief summary of the key points arising from their panel discussions.


1300 - 1400


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