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Slowing Trade and Rising Anti-Globalization Sentiments Risks for Asia-Pacific
16 November 2016 (Lima, Peru) – Slowing global trade and rising protectionism are key risks to the continued growth of the Asia-Pacific region as regional leaders gather in Lima for the annual APEC summit. The continued slowdown in global trade and increasing protectionism were the second and sixth highest risks to economic growth according to the poll of 743 regional opinion leaders.

PECC urges to find synergy among connectivity initiatives
28 September 2016 (Yangzhou, China) – Some 150 thought leaders from the Asia-Pacific region’s research and policy communities gathered in Yangzhou, China yesterday for an international symposium with the objective of discussing how the regional integration efforts must go on by converging the physical, institutional, and people-to-people connectivities. In order for the three main pillars of connectivity to work “seamlessly” and efficiently, transparent and inclusive information-sharing is also key, helped by digital technologies and online platforms. More...

Regional Solutions Needed for Global Challenges
26 April 2016 (Jakarta, Indonesia) – Indonesia’s Minister of Trade, Mr. Thomas Lembong stressed the importance of public process and communications to explain the benefits of trade to “men and women on the street” in very simple terms without which there will not be public support for regional economic integration.  He was speaking at the concluding panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges for regionalism in view of AEC, RCEP, and the TPP during a conference co-organized by the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) and the Jakarta Post on 25th April. More...

Tianjin Held Its 12th PECC International Trade and Investment Fair & the 6th Forum on Chinese Enterprises Going Global Strategy
15 April 2016 (Tianjin, China) - Under the joint sponsorship of Ministry of Commerce of China, Tianjin Municipal Government, and China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (CNCPEC), the 12th PECC International Trade and Investment Fair & the 6th Forum on Chinese Enterprises Going Global Strategy was held in Tianjin, China from the 14th to 15th of April 2016. Amb. Tang Guoqiang, Co-Chair of PECC and Chair of CNCPEC, and Mr. Zhao Haishan, Vice Mayor of Tianjin City, attended the opening event and made keynote addresses. More...