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Don_Campbell_9th_PECC_Tianjin_FairThe 20th China Tianjin Investment & Trade Fair (Tianjin Fair) and the 9th PECC International Trade and Investment Expo was held at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin, China from May 10th to 14th 2013. 

The theme of the fair was 'Expanding Trade and Economic Cooperation to Realize Win-win Development,' featuring investment talks, trade promotion activities, and exchange of talents. The fair consisted of 4,600 booths in three exhibition halls attracting 70 delegations from 20 countries and regions, and 26 provinces of China. Around 9,000 enterprises participated in the Fair with 55,000 exhibitors and visitors. This year's event resulted in total business contract value of 151 billion yuan (US$24.6 bn) being signed, of which 32.3 billion yuan (US$ 5.2 bn) came from foreign investment projects.

[Photo 1: PECC Co-Chair Don Campbell at the opening ceremony] 


At the invitation of Tianjin Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Amb. Don Campbell, Co-Chair of PECC, and Prof. Cheng Siwei, Honorary Chair of CNCPEC, witnessed the opening ceremony and addressed the investment seminar. Ambasssador Campbell also met separately with the Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Mr. Ren Xuefeng. Prior to the Fair, Co-Chair Campbell visited Nankai University and addressed the APEC Study Center at the University.

[Photo 2: PECC Co-Chair Don Campbell meets with Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Mr. Ren Xuefeng]