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On behalf of all PECC members we offer our sympathy and condolences to the families of victims of typhoon Haiyan, especially those in the Philippines which was just recovering from the impact of a magnitude 7.2 earthquake which occurred only last month.

The death toll is still unknown but current estimates range from 3,000-10,000 lives but communication links are still down and the economic impact in the billions.

As we noted in the 2012 State of the Region report the estimated global economic loss in 2011 due to natural disasters is $363 billion, making it the worst year in the recorded history. Of this, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for $351 billion. There is a need for an improvement in general disaster risk management programs in the region, which aims to reduce the very scale of possible shocks to the populations and economies concerned for given hazards.

We urge members to support worthy charities responding to people’s needs.

Once again, on behalf of the international PECC community, we offer our condolences and sympathy to the people affected by these tragic events.

Jusuf Wanandi and Don Campbell (PECC Co-Chairs)