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2023 CNCPEC Tianjin International Fair for Investment and Trade 2

On November 22nd to 23rd, Amb. Zhan Yongxin, Chair, China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, attended the China·Tianjin Forum for Business Cooperation and Development, and the opening ceremony of the 2023 China (Tianjin) International Trade and Investment Fair, and PECC Expo.

About 300 representatives from relevant Foreign Embassies in China, government departments, domestic and foreign business institutions, trade promotion agencies, enterprises, as well as renowned experts, scholars attended the Forum. The forum explored new ideas for economic development from perspectives such as world economic development, China's foreign relations, promoting a new pattern of China's opening-up, aiming to forge a practical platform for regional economic cooperation among PECC member economies.

Amb. Zhan addressed the opening ceremony, he said that the world is undergoing fundamental changes, the international economic situation continues to decline, and growth is sluggish, while peace, development, win-win cooperation are still the biggest consensus of the Asia Pacific region and the international society. As an open city with inclusive mind and pioneering spirit, Tianjin should give full play to its comparative advantages, and embark on a new journey of high-quality development.

The PECC Expo was approved by PECC Standing Committee in 1999 in Manila, Philippines as a project “under the auspices of PECC”. After the PECC differentiated its projects into signature project, international project, and member economy project, it was classified as a member economy project. This year has witnessed the 17th PECC Expo since its inauguration, now it has grown into an important international exhibition event in Tianjin, building a practical cooperation platform for international trade and investment, and promoting bilateral and multilateral exchanges and cooperation between Tianjin and overseas.