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Over the past decade, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have attracted considerable attention for their wide-ranging contributions to the economy. Amidst new business environment and challenges created through globalization and cross-the-border transactions, SME policies and business context in different Asia Pacific economies were studied and compared throughout the PECC international project. Case studies were taken from:

Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and Vietnam.

This international project was led by the Chinese Taipei committee of PECC.

Download the entire report (PDF, 2.6MB) 





To download by individual chapters:

1. SME Policy Development in a Global Economy - Australian Perspective

2. SME Development and Policy in Canada

3. Disappointment and Challenge - Chile

4. The SMEs in Colombia

5. The Policy Environment for Promoting SMEs in Japan

6. SME Innovation Policies in Korea

7. The New Zealand Policy Environment for the Development of SMEs

8. SME Development in Singapore

9. The Changing Face of Chinese Taipei's SME Sector

10. Policies for Developing Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

* Overview of SME Policies in Selective Economies