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PECC VIII: Eighth PECC General Meeting

From May 20, 1991 until May 22, 1991
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The Eighth PECC General Meeting

“Pacific Response to Global Challenges”

May 20 - May 22, 1991
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Monday, May 20




0900 -0920

Welcoming of New Members


  • Dr. Saburo Okita, Chair, JANCPEC


Opening and Keynote Address


  • Mr. S. Chandra Das, MP (Singapore); Present PECC Chair


  • Mr. Goh Chok Tong, Prime Minister of Singapore


  • Ambassador Richard Fairbanks III (US); Incoming PECC Chair




Session I: The Chairmen’s Presentations



  • Dr. Nam Duck-Woo, Chair, KOPEC


  • Rt. Hon. Brian Talboys (New Zealand); Past PECC Chair
  • Mr. S. Chandra Das, MP (Singapore); Present PECC Chair


Session II: The Pacific and the International Trading System

The Pacific encompasses four continents and has the largest volume of world trade. The same breadth of expanse and activity, however, is no less reflected in its sheer diversity on all levels. The issue of how to accommodate different trading interests, given the varying levels of economic development and social and political systems, is an important one that requires much discussion. Specifically, how the region responds to the recent stalemate in the GATT Uruguay Rounds and the emergence of regional and bilateral economic arrangements will have substantial impact on the direction of the international trading system.

0830 - 0940


  • Mr. Kerrin Vautier, Chair, NZPEC


  • Dato’ Seri Rafidah Abdul Aziz, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia

General Discussion

1215 - 1345

Luncheon hosted by the Singapore Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SFCCI)

1345 - 1515

Session III: The Pacific Economic Outlook


The economic outlook for the Asia-Pacific region will be discussed in the light of the major political and economic events occurring in the world. Critical estimates in the forecast growth in the region. The major threats to the forecast will also be addressed.



  • Dr. William Saywell, Chair, CANCPEC


  • Professor Lawrence Krause, Coordinator, PECC Pacific Economic Outlook Project
  • Professor Yasukichi Yasuba, Co-Coordinator, PECC Pacific Economic Outlook Project (Structure)


  • Dr. Soogil Young, Senior Fellow, Korea Development Institute

General Discussion

1515 - 1530


1530 - 1700

Session IV: Pacific Growth and Energy Security in the 1990s

The growth in Pacific energy demand in the 1990’s supplies from the rest of the world. The dilemma will stimulate interest in switching to regional sources of oil, in switching to other local energy sources like gas or coal, and in re-examining fuels such as nuclear power previously given a lower priority. At the same time, concerns about the regional and global environment impacts of growth will complicate design of fuel switching strategies.

These developments pose big challenges for government and business in the Pacific.

They highlight issues concerning the funding of the investment required in refinery capacity, power generation and other infrastructure, the role of the private sector in contributing that investment, the consequent importance of market-led pricing policies, the contradiction between environmental objectives and supply security interests in the region, the importance of the design of sufficient exploration required and the encouragement to new suppliers, such as the economies of IndoChina or the Soviet Far East.



  • Sir Russell Madigan, Chair, AUSPECC



  • Mr. Suyitno Patmosukismo, Director-General, Oil and Gas Ministry of Mines and Energy, Republic of Indonesia
  • Professor Mitsuru Miyata, Senior Managing Director, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

General Discussion


Dinner hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Community Development and Mrs Wong Kan Seng

Tuesday, May 21

0845 - 0930

Session V: Statements by the New Members


  • Dr. Thanat Khoman, Chair, TNCPEC


  • Mr. Edmundo Vargas, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chile
  • Mr. Joseph Wong, Deputy Secretary for Trade and Industry, Hong Kong
  • HE Mr. Fernando Solana, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico
  • Eng. Victor Joy Way, Minister of Industry, Trade, Tourism and Integration, Peru

0930 - 1030

Session VI: Pacific Growth and the Global Capital Market


Economic growth in the Pacific Basin is becoming increasingly driven by capital movements, both Long- and short-term. While US investments have always been substantial, the increase in capital outflows from Japan and the Asian NIEs are a major factor in the export boom of the ASEAN countries. At the same time, volatility in the stock market, bank closures, debt and other problems have spill-over effects on company performance and the business in general. These will be some of the issues discussed in this session.



  • Mr. Jusuf Wanandi, Chair, INCPEC


  • Dr. Victor Fung, Chairman, Prudential Asia Capital Ltd, Hong Kong



  • Mr. Patrick Teo, Managing Director, Rothschild and Sons, Singapore

General Discussion

1030- 1100


1100 - 1230

Session VII: The Telecommunications Revolution in the Pacific


Strong, sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region will depend on a modern, well-integrated telecommunications infrastructure. The competitive advantages of such an infrastructure are becoming evident in Western Europe, but the Asia-Pacific area has yet to undertake a comprehensive review of its telecommunications development. Amid a worldwide information revolution, what factors need to be addressed to enhance telecommunications cooperation in the Pacific region and what specific strategies might usefully pursued?



  • Mr. Encik Harun Siraj, Vice-Chair MANCPEC


  • Mr. Inchiro Yamanouchi, President and CEO, NTT International Corporation, Japam
  • Mr. Eugene Eidenberg, Executive Vice President, MCI Telecommunications Corporation, US


General Discussion

1230 - 1400

Luncheon hosted by the Singapore National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (SINCPEC)

1400 - 1530

Session VIII: Challenges to Pacific Economic Cooperation: A Panel Discussion


This session will discuss the work of all PECC task forces, fora and working groups, and will examine their recommendations for promoting cooperation in the various fields. The Coordinators of the PECC task forces, fora and working groups will act as a resource panel for this discussion.


  • Dr. Peter Drysdale, Director, PAFTAD


  • Dr. Hadi Soesastro, Chair, Coordinating Group
  • Professor Allan Rae, Coordinator Task Force on Agricultural Policy, Trade and Development
  • Dr. Gordon Munro, Coordinator Task Force on Fisheries Development and Cooperation
  • Dr. Linda Low, Coordinator Human Resources Development Task Force
  • Dr. Christopher Findlay, Coordinator Minerals and Energy Forum
  • Professor Akio Watanabe, Coordinator Task Force on Pacific Island Nations
  • Mr. Alan Bickell, Coordinator Science and Technology Task Force
  • Mr. Steven Wong, Coordinator Trade Policy Forum
  • Mr. Jiro Tokuyama, Project Director Task Force on Transportation, Telecommunications and Tourism.
  • Dr. Tho Yow Pong, Coordinator Task Force on Tropical Forest Cooperation

1530 - 1600



1600 - 1700


Session VIII: Challenges to Pacific Economic Cooperation (cont’d) : A Panel Discussion


  • Dr. Chen-Fu Koo, Chair, CTPECC

General Discussion


Wednesday, May 22





  • Mr. Dan Quayle, Vice President of the United States of America


  • Mr. S Chandra Das, MP, Present PECC Chai


0930- 1000


1000 - 1045


Session IX: Report on the PECC Charter



  • Mr. Wilhelm Ortaliz, Acting Chair, PPECC


  • Amb. Richard Fairbanks III, Convenor, PECC Charter and Membership Sub-Committee


1045 – 1130


Session X: Other Issues: A General Discussion


  • Mr. Li Luye, Chair, CNCPEC


1130 - 1215

Session XI: Closing Statements



  • Pg. Anak Dato Haji Puteh, Chair Brunei Darussalam National PECC Committee

Statements by Guests


1215 – 1230

Session XII: Handing Over Ceremony


Outgoing PECC Chair:

  • Mr. S Chandra Das, MP (Singapore)


Incoming PECC Chair:

  • Amb Richard Fairbanks III (US)


1230 – 1400

Farewell Luncheon hosted by the Singapore National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (SINCPEC)