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State of the Region 2017 - 2018


State of the Region 2017-2018



Editorial Committee:
Eduardo Pedrosa; Ian Buchanan; Chul Chung; Chien-Fu Lin; Charles E. Morrison; Yoshiji Nogami; Tan Khee Giap; Jusuf Wanandi; Manfred Wilhelmy; Yuen Pau Woo; Zhang Xianyi

Mari Pangestu; Peter Lovelock; Bo Chen; Kenichi Kawasaki; Ruan Zongze; CTPECC, Eduardo Pedrosa




State of the Region



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Discussion Forum

Going It Alone in the Asia-Pacific: Regional Trade Agreements Without the United States
Peter A. Petri (PIIE), Michael G. Plummer (Johns Hopkins University and East-West Center), Shujiro Urata (Waseda University) and Fan Zhai (Former Managing Director, China Investment Corporation)

The Linkage between Services and Manufacturing in the US economy
Sherry M. Stephenson, Senior Fellow, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

Digital DNA: Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance
Peter F. Cowhey (University of California, San Diego), 
Jonathan D. Aronson (University of Southern California)

Growth in a Time of Change
Pamela Mar, Director of Sustainability, Fung Academy | Fung Group

Why Connectivity is a starting point for real change
Pamela Mar, Director of Sustainability, Fung Academy | Fung Group

The TPP lives on – and Canada should be part of it
Hugh Stephens, Vice-chair, CANCPEC

After the TPP: What’s Next for Canada in Asia?
Hugh Stephens, Vice-chair, CANCPEC